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Vessix Successfully Closes $1M Seed Round on FlashFunders

By FlashFunders on November 20, 2015

This century's airport operations still run on last century's software. Archaic database applications that were developed in the early '90s lack mobile accessibility, solutions to manage fuel inventories, and countless other inefficiencies.

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Forelinx Raises $210k to Provide Unlimited Golf Access

By juliahma on September 21, 2015

Recent studies have indicated that while golf is a multi-billion dollar industry, player retention is an ongoing challenge. Rounds played from golfers age 25-45 have decreased nearly 25% over the last decade. With lack of accessibility and affordability cited as the largest deterrents, growth of the industry will be dependent on technology solutions that streamline access for golfers nationwide.

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TheraCell Successfully Raises $1.7M

By FlashFunders on June 22, 2015

Typical spinal fusion recovery is often painful, prolonged, and not always successful. The cause of slow or sometimes failed recovery is often due to a restriction of oxygen and other nutrients to vital areas during the healing process. Harvesting materials from other parts of the body and re-operation are often necessary.

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