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Equity Crowdfunding: 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs Raising Capital

By alanrcarlisle on November 13, 2015

You’ve studied your market, identified your audience, assembled your team, and have an idea you are passionate about. Only one thing stands between you and making your start-up a reality… money. Enter stage right: the complex (and often daunting) universe of early stage funding.

See our 3 tips for startups raising capital through equity crowdfunding.

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15 Ways You Know You Work For A Tech Startup

By FlashFunders on November 06, 2015

How many of these apply to your startup?

Topics: Startups
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What’s the Difference Between 506(b) vs. 506(c)?

By Jonathan Reyes on October 22, 2015

Thanks to the current tech boom, the world is full of aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start the next Uber. And to do so they need capital. That’s where 506(c) comes in.

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Forelinx Raises $210k to Provide Unlimited Golf Access

By juliahma on September 21, 2015

Recent studies have indicated that while golf is a multi-billion dollar industry, player retention is an ongoing challenge. Rounds played from golfers age 25-45 have decreased nearly 25% over the last decade. With lack of accessibility and affordability cited as the largest deterrents, growth of the industry will be dependent on technology solutions that streamline access for golfers nationwide.

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General Solicitation Landscape

By Brian Park on September 10, 2015

Startups have more options than ever to raise capital. Thanks to the JOBS Act, early-stage companies can solicit investments in public, which makes the Internet an incredibly powerful tool for connecting startups with investors. Naturally, an ecosystem of funding websites has grown, but this landscape is fraught with peril.

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Introducing FlashFunders' Chief Compliance Officer

By FlashFunders on September 03, 2015

FlashFunders is excited to announce and welcome Alan Carlisle to the FlashFunders team as our new Chief Compliance Officer. Alan will be leading all in-house compliance and risk assessments, working closely with the investment, operations and marketing teams.

Alan is a risk and compliance professional with nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and capital markets, most recently serving as Chief Risk Officer for SCF Securities. He is dedicated to contributing to the growth and value of Broker Dealers, Venture Capital Firms, Registered Investment Advisors and other market participants. He also has a strong track record for introducing and fostering long lasting, productive relationships with investors, investment professionals and institutions.

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FlashFunders Now Supports LLCs

By FlashFunders on August 20, 2015

FlashFunders is expanding access.

We are now supporting Delaware LLCs. Companies raising money on FlashFunders no longer need to convert to a C-Corp. With our updated operating agreement template, LLCs can sell equity membership interests and convertible notes on our platform.

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FlashFunders Partners with Intuit’s Quickbooks Small Business Center

By FlashFunders on August 12, 2015

FlashFunders has teamed up with Intuit’s Quickbooks Small Business Center to create the ultimate guide to Equity Financing. If your company is considering raising external capital this guide will serve as your “crash course” to make sure you’re prepared to tackle each stage of equity funding

The downloadable pdf will explore:

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Video: FlashFunders CEO on How to Get Venture Capital

By FlashFunders on July 29, 2015

In this FlashFunders, Intuit Quickbooks exclusive video, Vincent Bradley, CEO and co-founder of FlashFunders, dives into what an entrepreneur needs to know before targeting venture capital firms.

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5 Great Startup Pitch Decks

By FlashFunders on July 22, 2015

Creating an effective pitch deck can be difficult, especially if you’re a new entrepreneur. FlashFunders wants to help you make this experience as seamless and rewarding as possible.

A strong pitch deck is essential for making a compelling first impression. For founders, a creative presentation tells a story and offers a broad perspective on their startup. It forces them to take a step back and articulate the most important elements of the company. For investors, a pitch deck is a method to clearly visualize and comprehend the key specifics of the business model. If you are successful, an investor will be just as excited as you are about the idea!

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