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Vaughn Blake

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Informational Advantage, Social Proof, and AngelList’s 400 Million Dollars.

By Vaughn Blake on October 15, 2015

Monday’s announcement will be remembered as a watershed event within both the online equity funding space and the greater VC landscape. AngelList announced a dedicated $400MM fund (provided by CSC, a Chinese private equity firm with $12B under management) devoted to catalyzing companies raising capital on its platform through its syndicate model. This is undoubtedly a positive sign within the industry and bodes well for seed and pre-seed stage entrepreneurs seeking capital.

Topics: Industry
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Equity CrowdFunding and The Sanity of Crowds

By Vaughn Blake on July 16, 2015

“An enthusiastic philosopher, of whose name we are not informed, had constructed a very satisfactory theory on some subject or other, and was not a little proud of it. "But the facts, my dear fellow," said his friend, "the facts do not agree with your theory."—"Don't they?" replied the philosopher, shrugging his shoulders, "then, tant pis pour les faits;"—so much the worse for the facts!” Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

Every morning I listen to Bloomberg Radio while I run. Usually, it’s just news catch up and background chatter while I think about my plans for the day. The past few weeks, however, I’ve been paying much closer attention.

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