With 2016 coming to a close, we take a look back at the success stories of startups who have funded on our platform.


Founded in 2012, Vessix provides an all-in-one SaaS cloud-based business platform for the aviation industry. In October of 2015, Vessix closed $1,000,000 through a Reg D funding round.

Nearly a year later, Vessix announces their merger with MyFlightSolutions.

The cofounder of Vessix, Tom Perkins, will now serve as president of MyFlighSolutions. One of the main reasons for the merger is due in part to increasing demand for FBO operations, fuel management software, and logistics management. According to the company, the merger allows both companies to combine their strengths, offering a fully integrated solution. That solution will include complete workflow capability, customer relationship management, state-of-the art inventory tracking, and a solution to the complex problem of managing and accounting for fuel tax on the federal, state, and local level.


Led by former Microsoft UK CIO Randy Ramusack, LQD WIFI builds kiosk systems that provide free WI-FI, community and location information, and emergency alerts for residents in the surrounding area. In November of 2015, they closed $1.9 million in funding through a Reg D offering on our platform.

A year later, they announced their acquisition by Verizon.

Similar to LQD Wifi, Verizon has also added other companies to their growing “Internet of Things” portfolio. Other acquisitions include companies like Telogis, Sensity Systems, and Fleetmatics, While launch dates have not been set, LQDWifi plans to launch their first Palo kiosk in New Rochelle, NY.


Built on top of Google Maps, Cartogram provides indoor location services for businesses to help increase revenue, decrease operational overhead, and provide cutting-edge experiences to their visitors. In December of 2015, Cartogram closed $600,000 through a Reg D offering on the FlashFunders platform.  

In August, they announced an exclusive partnership with the Sacramento Kings and Golden 1 Center.

The app will allow fans easy navigation to the stadium, their seats, and back to their cars. Another added incentive is the ability to check lines at concession stands and bathrooms throughout the stadium. The integration should make for a better overall stadium experience for the fans, who can spend more time watching the game and less time standing in lines.


Started by a 16 year old in May of 2015, Tesloop’s business model provided a sustainable and convenient ride in a Tesla from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. In November of 2015, they closed $190,656 in funding through a Reg D offering on the FlashFunders platform.

Since then, Tesloop has expanded to offering their ride sharing service in 15 different locations and recently received quite a bit of press for their recent milestone.


Influential was created to solve the growing problem brands, agencies, and events faced with the influencer marketing. In 2015, they were able to closed $2.5 million in two rounds of Reg D funding on our platform.

Since then, Influential has gone on to raise an additional $5 million in Series A funding, and announced their partnership with Conde Nast and IBM’s Watson to find influencers for brands.

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