Social media platforms have allowed people to get a look behind the curtain of some of the biggest thought leaders in the world. If you’re an investor or entrepreneur trying to pick up on market trends, or get valuable information on running a business, social platforms allow you to get access to some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. Whether you’re a new investor or seasoned entrepreneur, here is a list of the top 20 entrepreneurs you should be following.

1. Mark Suster –  @msuster

An entrepreneur, angel investor, and investment partner at Upfront Ventures, and mentor at TechStars. Mark has some of the best content for both entrepreneurs and investors.

If you are a new entrepreneur looking for sage advice, check out his collection of videos that cover everything from funding to pitching your business to venture capital firms. Suster also frequently contributes on blogging platform Medium with posts that run the gamut of funding, investing, and culture.

2. Barbara Corcoran@barbaracorcoran

Founder of The Corcoran Group, Corcoran Inc., and Corcoran Ventures, real estate expert, and one of the original investors on Shark Tank.

Touting a net worth of around $80 million, Corcoran has built her empire through the New York real estate market. Aside from real estate, Corcoran has become a business expert, and has funded some of the most successful businesses on Shark Tank. Early on Corcoran’s content focused primarily on the real estate industry. Now, you can find everything from motivation to tips on how to successfully grow and pitch your business to investors.

3. Alexis Ohanian@alexisohanian

Partner of Y Combinator, co-founder of Reddit, and general partner at Initialized capital.

Ohanian has become a thought leader in the startup world after his success with building the Reddit platform. Ohanian is very active on both Twitter and Snapchat, giving advice on the startup environment, talking about social issues, and giving us a behind the scenes look into his life.

4. Jordan Crook@jordancrook

Senior writer at TechCrunch, co-host on TechCrunch Radio, and host of TechCrunch Disrupt.

Having her finger on the pulse is an understatement when talking about Crook’s ability to understand the technology scene. Being at the news hub for tech, Crook is the foremost aficionado providing news and insight into what is going on in the space. Her Twitter feed and podcast provide a wide variety of content and information about new technology, funding, startup culture, and the effect of politics on Silicon Valley.

5. Justin Kan@justinkan

Partner at Y Combinator, founded Justin.TV, Socialcam, Twitch, and Kiko.

If you’re looking for someone that has experienced multiple acquisitions, has experience in product and marketing, and provides useful insights to entrepreneurs and investors alike, this should be one person that tops your follow list.

6. Sheryl Sandberg – @sheryl

COO at Facebook, former VP at Google, and former Chief of Staff at the U.S State Department.

Listed as one of the top 100 most influential people in 2012, Sheryl recently has taken her talents to Silicon Valley as the COO of Facebook. Her content ranges from social issues, tech, philanthropy, and everything in between.

7. Gary Vaynerchuk@garyvee

Entrepreneur, and angel investor in companies like Uber, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Twitter, and founder at Vaynermedia and Vaynersports.

From his early days of producing YouTube content, Vaynerchuk has been a thought leader and early adopter in the startup space. His consistent daily content flow is packed with inspiration and insights that span across many different industries.

8. Matt Mazzeo@mazzeo

Formerly part of digital and venture at Creative Artists Agency, and currently partners with Chris Sacca at Lowercase Capital, his investment portfolios include companies like Optimizely, Stripe, Twitter, and Uber.

Most of Mazzeo’s social content revolves around Snap Inc., where he pulls back the curtain to show the life of working at a VC and what the day to day entails.

9. Chelsea Krost@ChelseaKrost

Speaker, author, brand consultant, television and radio talk show host, and entrepreneur.

24 year old lifestyle aficionado Chelsea Korst is a must follow for aspiring millennial entrepreneurs. Dubbed as a spokesperson for millennials, her content focuses on business and branding, with a focus on how the younger generation is making waves in the entrepreneurial space.

10. Morgan Brown@morganb180

15-year startup marketing veteran, COO of Inman News, co-author of “Startup Growth Engines”, and a leader at and TrueVault.

If you’re an entrepreneur interested in learning about growth strategy and marketing, Morgan is your man. The content he shares focuses on getting through the struggles of growing your business, and providing useful tidbits on how to get ahead in a competitive landscape. Even though he doesn’t post blog content too often, the few articles that he does have give detailed insight on the marketing and growth side of the startup world.

11. Caterina Fake@caterina

Founder of Findery, co-founder of Flickr and Hunch, board member at Etsy, and seasoned angel investor.

Caterina’s decorated past and experience in entrepreneurship make her a must follow if you’re looking to better understand the hurdles to jump while building a business. Her content spans a wide range of issues that stretch from entrepreneurship, education, and family.

12. James Altucher@jaltucher

Hedge fund manager, founder of StockPickr, investor in Buddy media, and seasoned entrepreneur.

A practical and brutally honest individual, Altucher provides a more personal feel to his social content, regularly speaking about how his insecurities and struggles led him to success. If you don’t have time to read, Altucher also has a podcast that touches on improving your professional and personal life.

13. Ali Brown@AliBrown

Entrepreneur, angel investor, and CEO at Ali International, LLC.

Touted as the “Entrepreneurial guru for women” by Business New Daily, Brown has become a powerhouse in business and a symbol for women looking to tackle industry. While her main focus is geared toward motivating and mentoring women, her Twitter feed and podcast offer plenty of resources and inspiration for anybody looking to become a successful entrepreneur.

14. John Ramptonjohnrampton

John Rampton is an entrepreneur and contributing writer for Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and the Huffington Post. He is currently the co-founder of

Previously, he started Pixloo, which was acquired by a large private real estate company. He is also an investor in many companies including SERPs, and SEO Engine.

15. Alexandra Levit@alevit

President of Inspiration at Work, Writer, consultant, speaker, entrepreneur, and former WSJ columnist.  

Levit built her career on helping companies, and even the Obama administration, on improving the workplace. Her experience in bettering the corporate environment for businesses and employees alike plays into the content she shares. You can find great advice on how to go about making good decisions in your career and business

16. Jason Calacanis@jason

CEO at, founder of Engadget, and world renowned investor and entrepreneur.

Jason’s experience in the startup scene and tech world earns him an immediate follow for investors and startups alike. He provides great insight on shifts happening in the industry along with informative takes on building your business.

17. Everette Taylor@everette

Founder/CEO of marketing at MilliSense, leading growth and marketing for new projects at Microsoft, and contributor at GrowthHackers, Sticker Mule, Qualaroo and United Way

Dubbed the millennial marketing genius by Forbes, Everette is the man to follow for everything digital marketing and product related.

18. Tracy Chou@triketora

Software engineer, advocate for diversity in her field, and public speaker with past experience at Pinterest, Quora, Facebook, and Google.

A Stanford computer science grad, Chou has become one of the leading voices for women in tech. When she is not giving us her technical observations into some of the hottest trends in tech, you can find her writing and tweeting about social and economic issues that affect the tech world.

19. Tim Ferriss@Tferriss

Best selling author (4 Hour Work Week), entrepreneur, investor, and public speaker.

Ferriss was one of the early social media adopter who has stood the test of time. He provides insights into the life of a lifestyle-design guru, and will constantly keep you motivated with unique ways on how to attack life’s daily impediments.

20. Paty Flynn@PatFlynn

Entrepreneur, best selling author (Smart Passive Income), and decorated digital marketer.

Much like his tweets, Flynn’s podcast focus on thought leadership in online marketing. His podcasts feature weekly guest contributors who are thought leaders in their field and span across many different industries. Much like Ferriss, he also has great strategies on working toward smart passive income.

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