When fundraising for your business, it’s important to understand that landing and converting investors is not as simple or easy as it may seem. To successfully close a round, it’s important that founders are proactive throughout the overall process – especially, when it comes to marketing and measuring the performance of your raise. With that in mind, FlashFunders has recently launched an “Issuer Analytics Dashboard”: a tool designed to help founders measure and track their crowdfunding campaign’s marketing and promotional performance. The Issuer Analytics Dashboard aggregates data to provide founders with a monthly, weekly, or daily report of funding page visits, traffic sources, and investment activity. Using FlashFunders’ issuer analytics dashboard Issuers will be able to monitor and track:

  • Traffic Overview
    • Unique Page views
    • Pageviews
    • Total Visits
    • Time Spent on Page

Flashfunder is is committed to streamlining access on our platform. Our Issuer Analytics Dashboard empowers startups with the ability to test new tactics, effectively measure initiatives, and double down on their marketing strategy that drives the most value.

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