This century’s airport operations still run on last century’s software. Archaic database applications that were developed in the early ’90s lack mobile accessibility, solutions to manage fuel inventories, and countless other inefficiencies.

The outdated system loses massive amounts of time and money. To overhaul the system, Vessix created an all-in-one business management platform that modernizes the airport operations industry.

“We are replacing the archaic, disjointed legacy software systems in use today, and replacing them with our modern cloud-based software,” Vessix CEO Chris Bridges said.

Vessix’s new solution includes features like mobile POS, flight scheduling, automated fuel inventory management, asset management, tax automation, and more, all in one easy-to-use system.

Vessix will expand locations and business operations. To accomplish that growth, Vessix needed to raise $1 million, which brought them to FlashFunders.

Using FlashFunders, Vessix successfully reached its $1 million goal. The FlashFunders platform “made it easy to execute our deals online, share the deck and information with angel investors around the country, and keep everything organized in one place,” Bridges said.

FlashFunders stood out from the competition because the platform eliminated the headache of preparing, signing, and tracking investment documents, and complying with securities laws and procedures.

FlashFunders’ services were key to helping raise the capital Vessix needed to grow and expand operations. Not only did FlashFunders help Vessix execute its deal efficiently, the platform had the unparalleled advantage of saving the startup thousands of dollars in securities law fees for the fundraising process.