How many of these apply to your startup?

1. You dress like it’s casual Friday every day

2. A handful of the original team members can remember the days of working in a garage or a makeshift office

3. Dogs roam the office like employees

4. Just the thought of sitting in a cubicle would make you go crazy

5. You can’t tell if your co-workers are arguing in a meeting or a game of ping pong

6. Your office kitchen is loaded with snacks

7. You’re not working an average 9-5 job

8. There are days when you’re putting out one fire after the other

9. There are always new people coming in and out of the office and the team grows fast

10. Your office has modern decor

11. There are always beers in the office

12. The name of your startup is a combination of two words

13. You’re great at multitasking

14. Your office is often fast paced and you work long hours

15. But at the end of the day, all of your colleagues are passionate about your company

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