Team FlashFunders believes successful investors are made, not born. Whether you’re considering making your first early stage investment, or you’re a seasoned tech investor, ongoing education is crucial to staying relevant.

There are an abundance of blogs, podcasts, newsletters and even courses at the everyday investor’s disposal. FlashFunders’ team members, founders and well-respected in-network angel investors have curated the following list of resources for your continuing education.


“Venture Deals” by Brad Feld & Sean Pratt In this book, Brad Feld and Sean Pratt offer insight for both investors and entrepreneurs. They outline various components of venture capital, including the essential elements of the venture capital term sheet, how fundraising works, how VC firms operate, how to apply different negotiating tactics to your deals, as well as common legal issues most startups face.


“New Venture Finance” via University of Maryland This course helps demystify key financing concepts to give entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs a guide to secure funding. It’s brilliantly helpful in understanding term sheets and other investment document structures.


Both Sides of the Table” by Mark Suster Renowned entrepreneur and active VC, Mark Suster, references personal investing experiences to provide valuable insights and a unique POV on the industry.


a16z podcast by Andreesen Horowitz The a16z podcast, produced by reputable Silicon Valley Venture Capital Firm, Andreesen Horowitz discusses top trends, news, and the future of the tech industry. Each episode features guest industry experts, business leaders as well as other inspiring influencers. Past guests include: Reputable VC, Brad Feld; Optimizely CEO, Dan Siroker; TaskRabbit COO, Stacy Brown and many more. (Multiple podcasts are released on a weekly basis).


For Investors: Education is Key to Protection via FINRA FINRA’s investor section offers a variety of investor resources such as: protection feeds, newsletters, podcasts etc. Topics include: Preparing to Invest, Products and Professionals, Protect Your Money and Resolve a Problem.

We’d love to hear some of your trusted investor resources in the comments section or at