FlashFunders is expanding access.

We are now supporting Delaware LLCs. Companies raising money on FlashFunders no longer need to convert to a C-Corp. With our updated operating agreement template, LLCs can sell equity membership interests and convertible notes on our platform.

Before, companies raising money on FlashFunders converted to a C-Corp for a number of reasons (see Startup Law Blog – Choice of Entity). With this update, companies can save valuable time and money by preserving their LLC status.

We’re empowering startups and investors. With this change, investors now have access to a broader pool of valuable investment opportunities. With $25,000 or more, investors can invest directly into LLCs, or with smaller checks, they can pool their investments with other investors, making cap tables easily manageable for startups.

Raising capital just got a little easier for those companies preserving their LLC status.

If you are looking to raise capital through equity crowdfunding, you can fill out our startup form to see if you meet the necessary requirements to start funding. If you are looking for more information on how to raise capital, you can check out the startup section of our blog for additional information.

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