FlashFunders has teamed up with Intuit’s Quickbooks Small Business Center to create the ultimate guide to Equity Financing. If your company is considering raising external capital this guide will serve as your “crash course” to make sure you’re prepared to tackle each stage of equity funding

The downloadable pdf will explore:

  • The stages of equity financing and company formation
  • Tips to aid the process of asking friends and family to fund your business
  • Insights on angel investor motivations and potential onboarding considerations
  • The step-by-step process of using venture capital to fund your business
  • How to recognize when your company requires strategic investors and how to approach them
  • An overview of the regulatory environment and compliance considerations to prep your business for equity funding

Download the complete guide in the following link and learn all there is to know about finding, pitching and landing equity investors here: The Complete Guide to Equity Financing (E-Book pdf)

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