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FlashFunders' Companies Prince of Venice and The Grilled Cheese Truck Featured in LAMag

By Mara Schmid on May 22, 2017

What’s better than great food? Great food on wheels.

Los Angeles magazine has put together a lust list for food-truck foodies, and two of FlashFunders' companies are high on the list.

First up, Prince of Venice. “It’s royally good,” says LAMag of the Prince of Venice’s “killer” handmade pasta.

Prince of Venice is the result of a collaboration between Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and acclaimed Milan-born L.A. chef Mirko Paderno. The result is gourmet, authentic Italian food with high-quality ingredients, many imported straight from Italy including flour, olive oil, and truffles. The rest are sourced from local Southern California farms. Customers enjoy a rotating menu of fresh, seasonal items every time. Buon appetito!

Of The Grilled Cheese Truck, LAMag says, “You have not lived until you’ve had the Cheesy Mac & Rib. So if you have always felt an empty hollow deep in your soul, we suggest you try to fill it with grilled cheese.”

Mondavi Award-winning chef Dave Danhi fires up all kinds of savory and sweet melts from brie and goat cheese to s’mores and PB banana. Whether he’s keeping it classic or trying something new, foodies continue to flock to The Grilled Cheese Truck for a taste of the certified “best melt” in Los Angeles.

Mouth watering for more? Make a royal investment with these two culinary kings.

Read more about the Prince of Venice offering.

Read more about The Grilled Cheese Truck offering.

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Thinking About How to Split Equity Between Founders

By Henry Chi on April 11, 2017

Splitting equity amongst founders is often a sensitive subject to speak of and therefore goes undiscussed in detail. However, assuming your company has more than one founder, the initial equity split is a must-have discussion for a couple of reasons.

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Equity Crowdfunding: Analyzing Title III's 2016 Results

By Mara Schmid on April 03, 2017

In July we reviewed some preliminary information about how Reg CF was doing; now that the calendar year is over, the SEC’s Office of Corporate Finance has released a white paper reviewing the Reg CF offering data from 2016. Let’s take a look.

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Regulation A+: What You Need to Know

By Mara Schmid on March 28, 2017

For companies needing a significant cash injection but not ready for an IPO, Regulation A+ may be an attractive choice.

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Where Are They Now? Startups That Closed Funding Rounds in 2015

By Matthew Lebo on December 16, 2016

With 2016 coming to a close, we take a look back at the success stories of startups who have funded on our platform.

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Startup Founders Series: Why Did You Start Your Business?

By Matthew Lebo on December 07, 2016

Whether you're a veteran entrepreneur or someone building your first business, there is a unique story behind why and how you started. In our past 3 years of equity crowdfunding, we have been able to interact with a wide variety of founders who all bring a unique perspective to building their business. In order to help other founders who are still unsure of their path, we wanted to bring you a unique perspective from some of the founders raising capital on our platform.

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Vessix Merger with MyFlightSolutions

By Matthew Lebo on December 06, 2016

Last year, Vessix secured $1,000,000 through a Reg D funding round on the FlashFunders platform. Nearly a year later, Vessix announces their merger with MyFlightSolutions.

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Raising Capital - How Do I Find Investors?

By Matthew Lebo on November 28, 2016

Starting a business from scratch is no walk in the park. From start to finish, founders have taken extreme measures to bootstrap their business to success. But, for some startups, there comes a time when outside investment is necessary. So how do you go about raising seed money?

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Do’s and Don’ts of PR for Equity Crowdfunding

By Ronjini Joshua on November 28, 2016

 By now, everyone realizes that most crowdfunding campaigns need some kind of exposure to get the traction needed to attract investors. Outside of private conversations there are several things that you can do to build your brand awareness during a period of raising funds.

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Funded On FlashFunders: Verizon Acquires LQD WiFi

By Matthew Lebo on November 17, 2016

As a company, our mission has focused on empowering investors and startups to make their visions a reality. Since our inception, we’ve successfully facilitated 25 offerings, through Reg D and Reg CF, that have hit their funding goals. As much as we love seeing a successful funding round, we hope to see those startups use the funding to take their business to the next level.

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